Has your personal data been involved in a data breach?

Almost everyone has at least one e-mail address or phone number. Estimated amount of global email users in 2024 is 4.26 billion. And mobile phone numbers > 11 billion. Numerous of these phone numbers and e-mail addresses, as well as other personal information, are circulating and being traded on the darkweb. Individuals may purchase your information and use it to approach or contact you, often with the main goal: money. You can use the websites below to check whether your personal data has been involved in a data breach and may therefore be available on the dark web (don’t worry, these are legitimate sites).

What if you’re (personal) details are known?

First of all, don’t panic. But act. See the checklist below with tips that you can implement to make you more secure.


  • Be extra aware for (spear) phishing e-mails or phone calls. Know how to recognize “the red flags”.
  • Make others aware. For example: Talk with your friends, relatives or other contacts about this subject and how to act.“Hey mom, if I ever text you that I need money with a different phone number, call me on my known phone number to validate. Don’t pay before I personally validate it”.
  • Is something too good to be true? Then it probably is… “Buy this golden bracelet for €25,- now”.

Password (Pass sentence):

  • When you’re e-mail address is known on the darkweb. Change your password.
  • Use a long password, better to call it a pass SENTENCE. Most websites allow you to use the spacebar or a comma within your password. a sentence is almost as easy to remember as a word, but is always longer and contains special characters which makes it more difficult to crack.
  • Use Multifactor authentication. Once you want to login, you have to validate that it’s you who wants to login. For example via an authenticator app at your smartphone. A lot of platform (i.e. gmail, linkedin, facebook etc) are offering this service.
  • Use a different pass sentence for every account. I know it can be hard to remember, but try to vary.
  • One of the most important pass words/sentences that you have it from your e-mail address. If the bad actor can enter your e-mail, he can reset a lot of passwords by pressing “forgot my password”. An e-mail will be send to your e-mail address and they can reset your password for an online shop.

More than just a game

This Cyber Awareness Game is more than just a game; it is a role-playing game that harnesses the power of gamification to convey a serious message in an accessible and engaging way. Join us on this interactive journey and become a cyber hero in your own digital world!